Nokon ord frå Pro Mike Henderson

Hi Sunnmøre members

It is great to be back in Sunnmøre, one of the most beautiful places on earth!

I was delighted to see the course in such good condition for this time of year. I believe the first rounds were played on the 14th of March.One of the lady members has told me that it will be a very good summer.I asked how she could be so sure. She told me that when the Ash tree flowers before the Oak then the summer will be good.Lets hope that old tale is true!

I must apologize for the dirty driving range balls. We have ordered a new brush for the ball washing machine. I’m sure that will help. Neil is looking for sponsorship for the range balls in the form of a companies logo. If that happens, we can then clear out all the old balls. So the the balls will all be white in colour.

Unfortunately the driving range this season, is unlikely to be anything but a mild brown at best. There is very little sub soil, making it almost impossible to grow grass. This will be my 4th season at Sunnmøre. In that time the driving range has never needed to be cut! Of course after your warm up on the range, the contrasting green of the wonderful golf course, will be all the brighter!

The ball dispenser will give out 27 balls for 20kr or 1 polliet. Sometimes the machine can jam or get stuck. If this happens,please come and see me, so we can put things right.
Polliets will be for sale at Satoil in Hareid and the Shell station in Ulsteinvik, and of course the clubhouse.

In the pro shop this year, we will not carry as much stock as in the past. We still have access to the most of the major brands ie Taylormade..titleist… ping… ect. I would recommend that if you are looking for new clubs, that you come and see me. I can help with custom fitting. It is important that you have the correct length of club,lie angle, shaft flex,ect. The game is hard enough without ill fitting equipment.

If you here looking at equipment on the internet, please come and see us in the pro shop. Maybe we can match or even better the price. Remember, any purchase from the pro shop will help the club! At present there are some real bargains in clothing you should check them out.

Golf lessons will again be 250kr for 30 mins, 500kr for 1 hour. The 5 lesson package 1000KR. Improving at golf is a great satisfaction. Golf is a difficult game, improvement takes time, knowledge and some commitment. I’m remained of the golf pro who was approached by 2 men…

Do you wish to learn to play golf sir? he asked one.
Oh, no he replied, its my friend here who is interested in learning.I learned last Wednesday.
Oh…. if it was only so simple!

I look forward to seeing you all, very soon.

Mike Henderson.